An auto-responder email is a an email that's sent from your mailbox as the answer to each and every email that you receive. The message is predefined and it is sent automatically, so every single person that contacts you via email will receive it when their email is received on the system that handles your email messages. This feature is used when you need to inform individuals about various things, such as being out of the office for a given period of time or that an purchase has been received and is being processed. The auto-responder email furthermore works as a confirmation for the people who contact you their message is received, even if you are unable to read it and make contact with them straight away. It could contain just about any text that you choose and also it may be revised based on the precise occasion.

Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Hosting

If you would like to set up an auto-responder message for any mailbox created in a cloud hosting plan from our company, it will not take you more than a few clicks to achieve this. You can see a list of all email addresses you have inside the Emails part of the Hepsia Control Panel, that will come with all hosting accounts. For each of them, you'll see a tiny auto-responder icon and all you will have to do will be to click on it, type the text you want to use and save the changes - it's as easy as that. Setting up an auto-responder for multiple emails and modifying or deleting an active auto-responder is just as effortless and can be carried out whenever you want. You will see a special icon for every email address with an active auto-responder in the Emails section, so you will be able to monitor effortlessly and modify the status of the function at any moment if required.