cPanel is the most widely used Control Panel tool on the web hosting market. It's feature-rich and it has an easy-to-use interface which will offer you full control of your web sites. It is easy to manage files, e-mails and databases, take a look at usage statistics, install script-driven applications, and so on. The software is preferred by many web hosting companies, due to the fact that it also has a reseller counterpart called WebHost Manager (WHM). This software instrument will supply you with a web-based graphical interface, via which you're able to manage a lot of server-side settings, generate web hosting plans or new customer accounts and modify their features with just a few clicks. You may also set up different modules and apps, adjust DNS records, brand all the cPanel accounts that your customers will get, create and remove features from their Control Panels, and so on. cPanel and WHM are compatible with nearly all billing apps out there, so this is one of the top platforms when you wish to become a reseller.