PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, otherwise known as PHP, is a popular curly-bracket programming language, which can be used to set up dynamic sites with interactive components like message boards, online learning portals or community sites. In comparison to static HTML-based sites, a PHP-driven site can show different content to each visitor under the exact same page URL. Due to the fact that PHP-based web-based applications can be managed via one Control Panel tool, which you can access using any web browser, you won’t have to possess any web design abilities or practical experience whatsoever in order to run a PHP-driven website. The fact that hundreds of millions of websites all over the world are built with PHP is an indication of the language’s popularity and simplicity of use. You only ought to confirm whether the server on which your site is hosted supports the same exact PHP version as the one that you used whilst creating the site.

PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting servers support different PHP versions, which implies that your sites will work correctly no matter if your PHP scripts are outdated. We accept the fact that an old site does not necessarily mean an insecure one as you may have implemented lots of code mods. This is the reason why we support PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 and you can select which one will be enabled for your hosting account. You can change the version with a single click of the mouse within your Hepsia hosting Control Panel and the new settings will take effect immediately. In case you want to run both newer and older scripts, there is even an option to use a different PHP version for each of your domains simultaneously.