In the Domain Registration and Hosting Service Web Hosting Control Panel you will find a user friendly Web–site Builder tool, that can be used to build your brand–new web site. Our Website Builder features more than 100 exceptional design themes, available in diverse color options, that you could customize to your taste. To make a fresh site, you won’t need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or other programming language. All you need to understand is how to use the point–and–click manager of the Site Builder. You can use it to swiftly create brand–new webpages, modify their contents, include fresh features to your site and even more.

An Easy–to–use Web–site Builder

No programming practical knowledge is called for

Using the Site Builder included in the Web Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to start your individual web site with quick point & click actions. Employing the included editor, you can easily include different pages, maintain active ones, modify the look and feel of your web site, etc. If you’ve worked with an app or something similar to Word or Excel, then you definitely know how to apply the Web–site Builder.

And here is the best part – you do not have to know the right way to craft and make a web site and will not have to work with or know any HTML, CSS and even PHP. In case you need help, you should check out our illustrative support posts and instructional videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A wide range of Web site Themes

More than a hundred web templates to set up with a click of the mouse

With the Site Builder tool, you’ll have access to Domain Registration and Hosting Service’s selection of more than 1 hundred zero–cost design templates. Each design template is available in two different styles and additionally includes a variety of coloring combinations. The templates are designed to address all common forms of web sites – personal web sites, e–store, enterprise portal, and so on.

In case you lose interest in your existing website theme or locate a far better one, you could change it in an instant. All brand–new pages and customizations you’ve made will be stored.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Illustrative Videos

Find out how quick it is actually to to make a web site

Domain Registration and Hosting Service’s Site Builder comes with a selection of video tutorials that will guide you from the stage of starting the tool, to modifying your pages. The educational videos are made as per the most frequently asked questions on our Website Builder as a way to cover what users really need to know.

If you want more help, you should also look at Domain Registration and Hosting Service’s step–by–step courses or get in touch with the 24x7 support staff.

Video Tutorials